Kharnick11 January 28th, 2012

LIFE GOES ON By: Katherine Harnick Dedicated to Taft Conlin Life is too short to be unhappy Grudges are a waste of happiness Laugh when you can Apologize when you should Let go of what you can’t change Love deeply Forgive quickly Take chances Give everything Have no regrets Take the good with the bad Smile when you are sad Love what you’ve got Always remember what you had Always for give but never forget Learn from your mistakes But never regret People change and things go wrong, But always remember……LIFE GOES ON!!!!!!!!! I understand that I did not quite know Taft, but I am 12 years old and I know how it feels to lose somebody really important in your life so trageicly. It feels terrible and so I like to write poems to remember the ones we know, and love. So, I dedicated this poem to Taft Conlin. I really hope you enjoyed it. -Katherine Harnick 12 years old Vail, Colorado