alibh52 January 31st, 2012

I had the extraordinary privilege of attending Taft's Memorial Service on Friday and will be forever affected by it. Each singular part of the program was exquisite and remarkable and poignant. Truly the memory of this young man, whom I never had a chance to know will be treasured forever in the hearts of his devoted family and friends. I am one of the Ingalls clan who came from far away. Our huge family, spread out all over the country, is absolutely connected and devoted to one another; and as the years pass, we seem to be growing closer together in spite of the distances and our busy lives. Taft may not have been able to get to know that many of us, but our family connection was in him, and the love we all have for Steve, Louise, and Maddi as well as his close relatives will tie us together eternally. Taft lived a much-loved and blessed life here, but we know his life here was only a miniscule percentage of how fantastic and exciting and thrilling every day will be for him in Heaven! What a wonderful thought!