mayanut February 10th, 2012

I just got this note from Aimee Had, a dear friend and thought i'd share it here. "Hello. We continue to send our best thoughts, strenghts and love to Steve, you and all of Taft's family. It is so strange to grieve for someone I never met..but we looked at all of Taft's photos and it is so unreal, so hard to wrap my head around. There are no words to say to Steve beyond love, love and more love. Taft was a darling hoot. Steve sure must have taught him well. The fact that fellow young skiers will continue to attend Vail Mountain School in Taft's name is super. Way to rally the scholarship flow. Ski on Taft and continue to spread your joy from above. We wish you strength, bonding and love throughout this time. Love, Aimee and Blake (from Truckee, California) with love for all those touched by Taft.