Hancock Family March 5th, 2012

On New Year's Eve Taft and Tyler were sitting side-by-side on the couch texting two girls from California they had met skiing that week. Taft was texting "....well, I'm cooler than Tyler....'s Mom"! (with that signature sparkle in his eye and smile on his face) To which I said, "You are no way cooler than me"! Later that evening Taft, Tyler, Wyatt, Brian and Henry were having a "padded sword" fight in the basement. Brian came running up the stairs as I was walking down.....the others were waiting around the corner to ambush him. I motioned for him to be quiet and I tiptoed down a few steps and then jumped around the corner. I nearly gave Taft a heart-attack as he was poised to whack Brian and stopped in mid-air before hitting me! -- Ida Hancock