Created by dmcg629 7 years ago
Hey Taft, I am not sure if you remember me, but we were in the same cabin together at Camp Lincoln a couple of years ago in Nisswa, MN on Lake Hubert. I went back to camp the next year wondering who would be there from the year before. There were a few people there, including Miles from the Chalet that we were staying in. Jack (our cabin leader from Ranger Cabin) was also there. I even managed to bring a few of my friends from home up there. I remember that you were close friends with Reed, and that you were both from Vail, CO. The next year, I stayed in the Pioneer Cabin, and no one else who was in the Ranger cabin from last year was in my cabin. One of the nights when I was waiting in line for a shower, I was standing next to Miles, who had decided to go for 4 years, and was in the Eagle cabin, and I asked him if he knew of anyone else who had come back from last year, and he said that you had died. I didn't believe it, until I asked Jack, and he said that you had died in an Avalanche. I was in shock. When I got back from camp, I googled you, and sure enough, you had died while skiing with friends (I would guess Reed). That year for spring break, My family, some friends and I drove out to Breckenridge to ski. We drove out to Vail, on one of the days. I remember thinking about you, wondering if I would see something that was in your memory. I saw nothing. I remember you by being lively, kind, and daring. I could not believe that someone as full of life as you could be so lifeless. God Bless. -Drew McGuire