Air Soft

Created by seth 9 years ago
Whenever we would air soft we would usually make Taft be on his own team because he was better than all of us combined. It was at my birthday party and we were playing air soft. We each either got a rifle or 2 pistols, Taft took 1 pistol against me, Dylan, Nick, Devin, Sam, and Reed. We all went to hide and Taft was going to hunt us down. We were probably only 10 minutes into the game by the time Taft had captured almost everybody. It was only me and Dylan left and we thought we were lucky because Taft had used up all the ammo in all of the guns that he had stolen from everybody in those 10 minutes except for his pistol. Dylan and I thought it was going to be easy to get him now. Dylan decided to go around the back of my house so when we found him we could surround him. After Dylan left I hid myself as best I could and waited. About 30 seconds later I hear Taft say "Hey, what are you doing over there!". I immediately turned around to get him to run and all he did was fire as many shots at me until I started running. I didn't get to feet before feel in his hand grab my shoulder and say "Got ya". He always won (not surprisingly). Taft was one of the best people I ever knew and I will never forget him.