When I first met Taft

2012 February 24

Created by claravictoria 9 years ago
Taft was about tree years old and it was Christmas' celebration in his Ranch Home. I was one of the guests who stayed overnight. My sleeping arrangement was in the basement. In the morning I was in the bathroom with the door open brushing my teeth. Taft comes in in his pajamas and gets naked in my presence even though he does not know me. We engage in baby talk. He is now peeing and I was done cleaning my teeth and tell him that I am leaving. In his baby talk he says to me: "Tell my mom and dad not to let anyone come in the bathroom. I am naked." I could not help laughing. He had this strict rule about being seen naked, but he had done just that in front of a woman he barely knew. I love your innocence Taft, and this memory is with me for my life time.