the formal shark at thanksgiving

Created by cyntho 8 years ago
one year, lou brought taft and maddi to crested butte for thanksgiving. i tried to think of a fun plan, because turkey is good, but turkey is not necessarily f u n — so when they arrived, we all walked to 'alley hats', our friend scott pfister's shop that sells all kinds of hats—i mean: ALL kinds! we each picked out a chapeau: tom had a sparkled top hat, rather tall and large, while cyntho's was an extra small hat, a tiny thing of three inches that didn't cover but a fifth of her crown. taft got a shark hat. yes, a s h a r k. when he put it on, it's big old mouth was gaping open above his eyebrows, pretty hilarious. maddi's hat was full glam, and she dressed the part — as did we all. the thing was, taft wasn't quite satisfied with his shark hat — somehow that silly thing wasn't enough. he talked it over with his mom and they decided to make a big tie to match — out of tin foil! it was grossly oversized and looked just right beneath his chin: a formal shark, that's what he was. after dinner we all traded around and what do you know, but all hats ended up on TOP of taft's head!