Created by maddy fields914 8 years ago
I can remember when we all car-pulled to VMS. It was a long winding ride. We were always up early and getting home late. I can clearly remember Maddi reading to us during these annoying drive. Taft was always laughing and making jokes, and bragging about how cool his dog was. Not in a jerk type of way, but the kind of way of saying, "Isn't he cool?" I couldn't help but be jealous of Maddi and Taft. They were the best of friends. My sister and I were also close in age and we fought all the time. But whenever we rode the Conlin's they would always share and be so sweet to us. I miss my old school. but I'm really miss Taft. the last I heard from him was after my sister got his number and we got the catch up. I regret not getting tot talk to him sooner. I love you Taft.