Our "Before Christmas" party

Created by altfam 8 years ago
The last evening I spent with Taft is still so vivid in my mind. It was a few days before Christmas. Louise, Maddi and Taft got together with me(Julie), Myron, Brian and Wyatt and we went out for a little holiday celebration dinner at Fusion. We ordered lots of sushi, which the kids inhaled in what seemed like seconds!!! It had been snowing all afternoon and evening and we were all so excited that maybe we would get to have a "White Christmas" after all! Maddi and Taft came over for a sleepover. We hadn't had a sleepover with the four kids for a while. They'd all been so busy doing their own things and were so excited to be able to hang out together. The kids played spotlight tag and other fun games in the snow for hours. Afterwards we had wet clothing laid out all over the living room floor drying, while the kids set up bedding and crashed in the playroom....just like old times!!!! I am sure I was grumpy at them staying up so late, talking and goofing around, when they wanted to get up and go skiing the next day. I know that Myron made French Toast for them for breakfast. That was Taft's favorite....and off they went to ski. That was my last memory of Taft. I'll never forget him all bundled up in Myron's ski clothes and boots, cheeks all red from the cold with that big happy grin on his face.